- We pay particular attention to offer high quality services to companies
  - We fully preserve and protect company benefits
  - We encourage our people to adopt principles of quality, justice and loyalty
  - Our most valuable asset is our human resource.
  - We aim “the best” in our customer focused business strategy.
  - We aim to create value for development
  - Business ethics and integrity is our indispensable principle
  - We value and aim being a world player as it strengthens our country.

Our top priority is to create value for our customers and to respond steadily to their expectations with quality. It is our duty to stand by our products for the long term.

The conduct of our business is pursued with good intentions, mutual benefit, and fair treatment in all our relationships. We are committed to conforming at all times to the highest ethical and legal standards. We are a leader in serving our society and protecting the interests of future generations. Protecting the environment and to spread this awareness is our duty to our country and the world.